Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 2010

Woooo, it has been a while since I've updated. I have gone through some chronic health problems, lost 55lbs, had a million tests and Dr's appointments, and finally had gallbladder surgery 5 weeks ago which has helped tremendously. So.....I am moving on (finally)....

My boys are the lights of my life. I am more appreciative than ever for my healthy happy family. I love our home and our family more than words can express.

Sam is going to be one next week. How did that happen so fast???? He is the cutest little guy. His big cheesy grin with his huge dimples are irresistable. He wants to do everything his big brothers do. I just adore everything about my sweet little baby. He is super mischevious and keeps me on my toes. If you divert your eyes for even a second, he will be climbing up something or emptying a drawer or cabinet or playing with something he isn't supposed to. He makes the biggest messes at mealtimes. His favorite foods are bananas, pears, cheese, graham crackers, pasta with tomato sauce, turkey meatballs, pancakes/waffles/crepes, blueberries, and peas. He says "Mama, Dada, Bubbas (brothers), hi, hello, hey, bye, ball, all da (all done)" and just started to sign for nursing. He gives the best big hugs and sloppy kisses. He is a madman in the bathtub with his brothers. Sam demands to put his "bubbas" to bed every night with daddy. He loves being pushed around by his brothers in a ride-on car. He pushes toy trucks around and makes vroom noises. He loves to play ball (fetch really, haha) and to read books. He pretends to call people on the phone and says "Hewow?" Sam has the softest fuzziest little baby head and I can't help but kiss his chubby cheeks a thousand times a day. I am so lucky to have such a sweet, fun little guy :)

Luke is doing great. He is my special little guy. He says the sweetest most loving things and makes me feel like a million bucks. Luke is writing his name and starting to write other words as well. He still loves his naptime and is eating me out of house and home. He is smart and goofy and always loving and cheerful. He makes me laugh all the time with his craziness. He loves to be helpful and make others happy. I am not sure what I would do without my Lukey Poos! His smile lights up a room and his laugh is the best sound ever.

Nathan is still amazing me daily. He designs intricate lego creations and then makes the directions on how to build it! He is reading well and doing 1st grade math. He is obsessed with cars still and loves to take bike rides around the neighborhood to check out the cars in the parking lot. He holds a conversation so well I sometimes forget I am talking to a 5 year old. He is such a good boy and takes such good care of his little brothers. He is very responsible already, I really appreciate that more than I can say! He gets attention every where we go because he is just so dang gorgeous and talkative.

I am one lucky mommy!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Best Christmas Ever! The boys' excitement was contagious.

Some of my favorite memories from this year:
* how Nathan sought out any "bioncle" shaped presents under the tree
*Nathan spending the majority of the day building things at the dining room table
*Luke getting so excited to get a skeleton puzzle. He even took a nap with it later!
*watching Luke and Daddy play with his new dragon castle for the longest time
*how Sam snoozed on the couch with Frankie while we opened gifts
*how excited Sam was to open his presents, he really got into it!
*the painting Mike wrapped up on the wall for me, it was so exciting to open it that way
*seeing Luke using his new Dr's kit to diagnose us with ailments such as "green beans in throat" and performing surgery to fix daddy's "broken brain"
*snuggling up with my boys to read Christmas stories every night leading to Christmas
*baking cookies with my two little helpers, making sure I use the right measuring cup so they get equal turns scooping and pouring (like using a 1/2 cup measuring cup when I need a cup of flour so they both get a turn)
*wrapping presents late at night with Sam at my feet---giving him every scrap of paper and wrapping paper roll to play with
*watching all of our new Christmas movies the nights following Christmas (Monsters vs Aliens, Up, etc)
*trying with no avail to get a Christmas card photo with all three of my guys cooperating
*the 22inches of snow we got on the 19th that let us have a white Christmas!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

December 2009

Just a few things going on right now that I wouldn't want to forget:
* Sam (now 7 months) saying "Ooma!" whenever he wants me (or wants to nurse....still haven't figured out if Ooma is me or my boob, haha)
*Sam trying to fling himself headfirst off the couch whenever I am changing his diaper on the chaise part of the couch. He loves to hang upside down, that silly boy.
* All of Sam's unnecessary movement. He has been doing it since the womb, he is never still!
* Nathan saying to me "Sometimes when I wake up in the morning or come in from the snow I just really want to hug you so bad! I just have to hug you! What is that feeling? Is it love?"
*Luke wanting to wear his Iron Man costume all day every day
*Sam pulling up on everything all of the time. He pulls up on the side of the crib, the bath, the couch, the stairs, everywhere! Thing is he hasn't gotten his balance yet so he is constantly falling. His poor head is covered in "booboos" already.
*Having to laugh at Sam's gigantic booty everytime I change him. That thing is massive and is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.
*Luke naming his bioncles "Firewood" and "Snow White"
*Nathan making the most detailed bioncles out of paper.....all the time! There are paper bioncles all over our house.
*Luke telling me he loves me and he wants a hug all through out the day. He is so sweet and loving!
*Luke always asking to go run errands with me. He is the best shopping buddy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

6 months!!!!!

Oops, sorry Sam, I haven't updated this baby journal since May! Sam is now 6 months old and is just the cutest thing on earth (I am not biased, I swear!) He is crawling, rolling, sitting up, saying mama, trying to climb up the step in our living room, ripping magazines and books, trying to get into the big boys' toys, giving big sloppy kisses, giving the biggest cheesy grins ever, being a total stinker, refusing to go to bed at a decent hour, sleeping in like a teenager, loving baby carrots and sweet potatoes, etc etc etc etc. How is that for a one sentence update? :)

Luke and Nathan are as crazy and happy as ever. I am just so blessed to have 3 beautiful healthy sweet little boys. It can't get better than this!

Friday, May 22, 2009

the little things

Here are some things I want to make sure I don't forget from this point in my life (Nathan at 4.5, Luke at 2.5, and Sam at 3 weeks):

*Nathan's nonstop making of robots, superheroes, transformers, etc out of paper. I love seeing his creativity but the constant mess of little paper scraps on the floor can make me nuts :)
*Luke's battle with an invisible villian---he is always making punching and shooting sounds and fighting someone no one else can see
*Sam's little kissy face he is always making. I just HAVE to smooch it.
*Luke dragging out the Imaginext castle every 5 minutes and forcing everyone to play "guys" with him. He literally plops the castle in my lap!
*Sam flinging himself from your shoulder to chest level when he gets hungry---you have to watch out for that so you don't drop him!
*Sam doing pushups the moment you put him on his belly
*Nathan always wanting to be the bad guy when he plays with other kids. Should I be worried? :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Samuel is here!

My sweet baby is here. Samuel Joseph was born April 30, 2009 at 8:25am. He was 8lbs 13oz and 20 1/4 inches long. He was born with fuzzy brown hair and dark blue eyes. He has big chubby cheeks and a dimple in his left one. He is a sweet peaceful little baby, unless he is hungry, then he has a major temper unless he gets fed immediately. He likes to be swaddled and he likes it when I carry him in a sling. He has peed and pooped on me more in the past 2 weeks than both of my other boys combined, haha.

Quick birth story---since he was a scheduled Csection there isn't much to share. :) Mike and I went out to dinner at Clydes with my Mom and the boys the night before as a last hurrah. We came home and watched Lost and after that is the point I started to panic. Knowing exactly when my baby was coming was a blessing and a curse because I was so anxious. I didn't get any sleep that night and was just waiting for morning to arrive.

At 6am we headed to Reston Hospital. They hooked me up to IVs and monitors and I was so nervous waiting for 7:30 to arrive. When it was time to go back, I was so panicky. Getting the spinal in was hard, I kept jumping when the needle went in and the nurses kept yelling at me to sit still. After the spinal/epidural was in, I started shaking and got very nauseous. This was the worst part of the surgery. Mike came in and helped to calm me down. After they told me the incision was already made (and it didn't hurt), I was able to calm down. I barely felt any tugging or pulling when they took Sammy out. They told me he had his cord wrapped twice around his neck, which made me so thankful he was out and OK. Sam screamed as they cleaned him off and he held Daddy's hand so tightly during his checkup. Then they brought my little bundle to me on the operating table and I was able to kiss him and even was able to try to nurse, but Sam was too sleepy.

After surgery, I told Mike to go with Sam and I was brought to a room all by myself. I was lonely and wanted my family BAD. I didn't get to see Sam again for four hours which infuriated me. They gave him formula in the nursery against my wishes. The hospital was not a fun experience at all and I am really going to have to give it serious thought whether or not I will ever have another baby there (even though I like my Dr a lot). The nurses and hospital pediatrician were contentious and didn't seem to care about my wishes. I had to fight for what I wanted every step of the way.

I missed Nathan and Luke terribly in the hospital and could not wait to get home. Now that I am home with my family, I am so content with my three sweet boys. Sleep is a bit hard to come by, but I am trying to keep perspective how quickly this newborn time goes by and trying to soak in every possible minute. I feel like Sam will be two in a blink of an eye (because that happened to Luke)!

Mike has been awesome and has done so much around the house and with the boys. I am so thankful that my dad was able to watch the boys while we were in the hospital. I am so happy my mom lives nearby to help me out. I start back to work this week and I think the boys will be happy to get their playmates back.

Nathan has handled the transition beautifully, without a hitch. Luke was a bit cranky when we first got home and took it out on me, refusing to hug me or kiss me and telling me I was "bad". Now I am getting just the opposite, he is being a bit clingy and mommified, but of course I don't mind. I never mind getting extra snuggles and attention from my boys :)

Sam likes to nurse nonstop and likes to be held while he sleeps which makes for a tired mama. But I love how snuggly he is. He tucks his little feet under and sticks his baby booty out and sleeps on my chest. It is the best feeling ever :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ready to meet Sam

It is late Tuesday night and Samuel will be arriving early Thursday morning. I am so excited and so ready to meet my newest little guy. I just can't wait to kiss his little cheeks and count his little toes. I really wonder what he is going to look like! Despite all of the troubles of pregnancy, it really is all worth it. The feelings of anticipation and excitement when expecting a baby really can't compare to any other feeling in the world! It is like waiting for Christmas morning times a million :)

I know I am going to miss Nathan and Luke so much. I am so happy they have each other though. Having Paypo to come stay with them is awesome, they probably won't even have time to miss me :) I am looking forward to that moment when they meet their little brother.

I am feeling Sam squirming around right now. He is definitely my most active belly baby yet. I wonder what he has in store for his ol' mama! I love him so much already :)